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The Pole Mill Optimizer is a State-of-the-Art real time pole/piling optimization system built in the US.  The system will provide the accurate measurements and convert the data into the classing possibilities based on ANSI Specs as well as client specific product needs.  The need for classing tapes, tape measures, and spray paint are a thing of the past with the PMO system.  Once the pole/piling is automatically cut to the specified length the system clearly marks the side of the pole/piling for your loader driver to move the product to the correct location and also tags the butt with an all weather untearable tag containing all information specific to the pole/piling that may be needed in the event you need to reclass the pole/piling.

The system also includes a real-time inventory, load tracking, and sales software that can be fully integrated into your current system or ran as a stand alone system.  Track your poles/pilings through each stage from Green to Dried to Treated to Shipped and any stage your company requires in between.  Click here to schedule a demo today.


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